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Lord of the Rings Icons

One Community to Rule Them All!

Lord of the Rings Icons Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Want a place to view and share LotR icons? Then this is the community for you!
But be sure to read the rules before joining :)

Maintainer - hatsumomo

Thanks to arikia for the code to create this community.

Community Rules

1. Only Lord of the Rings(the movies) icons are allowed here.

Please do not post any icons from the LotR animated movie or any other vesion that might be out there. You may, of course, post icons about the actors/actresses from the LotR movies, as long as they're made from photos or pics from magazines and stuff. But do not post icons of the actors/actresses playing in movies other that LotR.

2. Entries containing only icon requests are not allowed.

The posting of entries just to ask for a certain icon to be made or customized for for you is prohibited. If you would like an icon created or customized, you should post some icons that you've made, then under that, post your request. Or you could make a request as a comment to a previous post of a talented icon creator you admire.
All entries posted only for requesting an icon will be deleted.

3. Please keep all posts on topic.

This community is meant for posting icons. Making entries for asking about where to find pictures, how to do certain techniques, asking for screen caps, or asking for advice is not allowed. But you may make your question as a comment to a previous post of a talented icon creator you admire(like I said before xD)

4. Please, no asking for screen caps. Even if you're also posting icons.

But, since good screen cap are hard to come by for many, it should be noted that, if you have some, you may post screen cap here. As long as the poster made the caps themselves, leaves all pictures under an lj-cut or on their own server/website, and makes the post friends only. Any such screen captures posted are understood to be used for icons and other creative uses.

5. No stealing icons.

If you take an icon and pass the work off as your own or customize a icon without the creator's permission, you will be removed from the community. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

6. Be lj-cut tag friendly.

If you're posting more than five icons, please use the lj-cut. If you're posting more than one animated icon, please use the cut tag. Since some people have slow connections, it is best to be considerate of them and their friends pages.

For info on LJ tags, look in the FAQ, here.

7. Anonymous comments are not allowed.

Sorry, but it's members only. If you'd like to post, join the community.

8. No sticky caps or heavy internet slang.

plz d0 n0t tYp3 l1ke tHis. itz hard 2 r3ad & uNd3RsTaNd. thx.

9. Always respect people's opinions and feelings.

Everyone here just wants to enjoy themselves and share beautiful work. Many people have worked very hard to make their icons and share them. They are entitled to their own thoughts, opinions, and emotions. Please respect them and their beliefs. Flame wars will not be tolerated here.

First time violators of these rules will be warned and may have their entry deleted depending on the seriousness of the offense. Users who violate the rules more than twice will be removed from the community.